MeGlobe Desktop

MeGlobe Desktop Beta 0.6.1294

IM client that translates between 15 languages


  • Support for three networks
  • Translates between 15 languages
  • Learns from your corrections


  • Few users
  • Translation is not in real time
  • Very few configuration options


Having friends from other countries is great, but sometimes the different languages make it difficult.

MeGlobe Desktop can lend you a hand in this matter. This multi-network IM client includes a translator with support for 15 languages that helps you understand what your friend is trying to say, even if you don't speak the same language and live miles apart.

The translator in MeGlobe Desktop doesn't work in real time, which means you have to copy the text from the translator window and paste it into the chat window. It's a bit messy, but it does the trick. Also, if the translation is not exactly what you expected, you can edit it and the program will learn from your corrections.

MeGlobe Desktop supports three networks (AIM, Yahoo! Messenger and Live Messenger), apart from its own network. You can join public chat rooms – so far, it looks like there's only one - and also have private conversations with selected users. On the downside, we missed having some configuration settings to play around with.

The program works fine, though it doesn't have as many users as other IM networks, and the sign up process is a bit buggy. I'd suggest you sign up from the MeGlobe website instead.

MeGlobe Desktop is a nice idea, but it still has plenty of room for development.

MeGlobe Desktop


MeGlobe Desktop Beta 0.6.1294

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